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" My family has always made wine. To hear it from my father Carmine, these were not fancy wines; they were everyday wines, wines that were on the dinner table each night. Our Rosso and Bianco are made in the same spirit - wines for everyday life. great Francis Ford Coppola wines in Sonoma County." Francis Ford Coppola

2012 Rosso & Bianco Pinot Grigio

Our Rosso & Bianco wines have always been very special to us. Not only do they pay tribute to our family’s heritage, they are some of the first wines we ever created. As a way of honoring this beloved brand, we designed a new work-of-art for the label.

Our 2012 Rosso & Bianco Pinot Grigio is a crisp, refreshing white wine that’s versatile for just about any occasion. Invite friends over and serve our Pinot Grigio with appetizers, pair it with light lunch fare, enjoy it at dinnertime with seafood or simply pour yourself a glass to sip on a warm afternoon.

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£13.49 per bottle / £161.88 per case of 12, all prices include VAT

Winemakers Notes

  • The grapes for this wine come from two regions: the Pinnacles Bench in Monterey and Clarksburg, just outside of Lodi. Pinnacles Bench fruit is influenced by cool coastal conditions while our Clarksburg grapes develop more ripeness because of the fertile soils and warmer climate. When blended together, we create a wine with full, ripe flavors and balanced acidity.
  • Named for the grey color that the grapes turn at full ripeness, Pinot Grigio requires special attention so that the grapes are picked at the exact moment they become fully ripe. Letting them go just a few extra days risks darker fruit that colors the wine. Additionally, we harvest our Pinot Grigio late in the evening to bring it into the winery in the early morning so the grapes can be pressed and fermented in cool temperatures.
  • To preserve the wine’s fresh fruit character, we ferment and finish it in stainless steel. Finally, a small amount of Chardonnay is added to the final blend for heightened complexity.
Tasting Profile
Appearance Pale yellow
Aromas Peaches, pink grapefruit and pineapple
Falvors Green apples, lemon, passion fruit and minerals - light-bodied with a crisp, refreshing taste and a short, clean finish.