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2011 Sofia Riesling

Our original Sofia sparkling wine was created as a gift from a father to his daughter as a celebration of love and beauty. Francis Coppola Sofia Riesling continues this tradition by bringing you a wine that is equally graceful, provocative, and alluring.

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£18.99 per bottle / £227.88 per case of 12, all prices include VAT

Vineyard Notes

Our Riesling grapes are grown in the cool vineyards of Monterey County, where moderate daytime temperatures and a prevailing fog end up lengthening the growing season by causing the grapes to ripen more slowly. This condition coupled with brisk nighttime temperatures helps the grapes sustain their crisp acidity; a critical component where Riesling is concerned.

Winemaker's Notes

Riesling is a highly impressionable grape that can taste vastly different depending on where it’s grown and what level of ripening has been achieved. In fact, this varietal can be crafted in styles ranging from bone dry to extremely sweet. Because we want our Sofia Riesling to pair well with a variety of foods, we have created an off-dry style that has just a touch of sweetness that is offset by an equal amount of crisp natural acidity in order to maintain a good balance on the palate. The texture and body of the wine, along with the aromatic flavors makes it a lovely match for spicy Asian cuisine, ham, and chicken with fruit chutney.

Tasting Profile
Appearance Light honey
Aromas Quince, honey and cloves
Falvors Green apples and peaches enlivened by a touch of lime zest, steely minerals
Corey Beck, Winemaker