Francis Coppola Vorte Sante
" My father’s mother, Maria Zasa, was an Italian born in Tunisia, a French protectorate at the time. It was a treat to grow up with a grandmother who spoke English, Italian, Arabic and French. I remember the little French songs she would sing to us about the marionettes, and also her toast when she was about to sip a glass of wine. She would always say, ‘à votre santé,’ meaning, ‘to your health.’" Francis Ford Coppola

2012 Votre Santé Chardonnay

A Toast to Family Traditions

Votre Santé wines pay tribute to Francis Coppola’s grandmother, Maria Zasa, who would toast with the traditional French phrase, ‘à votre santé,’ each time she raised her glass. In her honor, we have created Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, France’s two classic Burgundian varietals, in a delicate style that makes them ideal for any occasion.

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£15.99 per bottle / £191.88 per case of 12, all prices include VAT

The Wine

We start with fruit selections chosen for their aromatic properties and flavor intensity. Our Votre Santé Chardonnay is crafted using a split fermentation technique, where half of the fruit is fermented in oak and half is fermented in stainless steel. This method produces a moderate level of richness and spice nuances from the wood so the wine has body and character, but it also preserves the juicy, fruit qualities for a good balance. Since we believe wine is best enjoyed with a delicious meal and the company of good friends, we craft our Chardonnay in a foodfriendly style that has a moderate level of natural acidity. Half of the wine undergoes malolactic fermentation to create a luscious mouthfeel. All of these efforts produce a wine with succulent fruit, a light buttery texture, and a kiss of toasted oak.

The 2012 vintage blessed us with very high quality, flavorful fruit with extra dimension and texture. Juicy on the palate, this well-layered wine delivers the ideal balance of vibrant natural acidity and ripe, luscious fruit flavors. This is a flowing wine with lively acidity and mellow sweetness. Its fleshy consistency has ample body and generous length, while the finish is clean and persistent. The overall qualities of this wine represent the varietal character of Chardonnay grown in a cooler climate. Pair with halibut, Chinese chicken salad, or a plate of soft cheeses and fruit.

Tasting Profile
Appearance Transparent yellow color,
Aromas Tropical fruits, cloves and honeysuckle
Falvors Peaches, pineapple, melon and Meyer lemons
Corey Beck, Winemaker