Francis Coppola Vorte Sante
" My father’s mother, Maria Zasa, was an Italian born in Tunisia, a French protectorate at the time. It was a treat to grow up with a grandmother who spoke English, Italian, Arabic and French. I remember the little French songs she would sing to us about the marionettes, and also her toast when she was about to sip a glass of wine. She would always say, ‘à votre santé,’ meaning, ‘to your health.’" Francis Ford Coppola

2011 Votre Santé Pinot Noir

A Toast to Family Traditions

Votre Santé wines pay tribute to Francis’s paternal grandmother, Maria Zasa, who began a family tradition of toasting “a votre santé,” meaning, “to your health,” each time she raised a glass. Created in her honor, Votre Santé Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are delicately designed as the perfect accompaniment to toast any family tradition, whether preserving centuries-old traditions, or creating new and lasting memories.

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£15.99 per bottle / £191.88 per case of 12, all prices include VAT

The Wine

We source our fruit from several different cool climate appellations, rather than just one, in order to achieve greater dimension and flavor complexity. Because each region reflects distinct soil qualities, each source develops different kinds of fruit flavors and aromatic properties, with our Mendocino fruit contributing sweet cherry flavors, Carneros fruit exuding earthy undertones, and Monterey grapes delivering spicy, mineral-like qualities.

We also try to pick at a lower brix so we can produce wines with a lower alcohol content. Once harvested, the grapes are cold-soaked and fermentation is accomplished at a low temperature for several weeks. Then, we age the wine in a combination of new and 1-year-old French oak barrels to create beautiful nuances of vanilla and toasted oak.

Our 2011 Pinot Noir is a vivacious wine that is delicate in texture but intensely aromatic and flavorful. Delicious paired with mixed greens tossed with bleu cheese and bacon, barbecued chicken or mushroom risotto.

Tasting Profile
Appearance Light cherry
Aromas Cherries, cloves, and lavender
Falvors Raspberries and pomegranate with notes of sandalwood and a hint of minerals
Corey Beck, Winemaker