Virginia Dare

Virginia Dare 2014 Russian River Chardonnay


Located in Sonoma County’s Geyserville, Virginia Dare Winery celebrates the myths, people, places and history that shaped American winemaking. The story of the Virginia Dare Winery began with North Carolina’s first commercial winery, Medoc Vineyard, which opened in 1835. Two businessmen, known as the Garrett brothers, purchased the property in 1865 calling it Garrett & Company. They began producing the Virginia Dare label which quickly became one of the nation’s top selling wines. The Family Coppola has revived the vintage charm of the original line and applied old-fashioned American ingenuity to the development of exquisite new wines worthy of carrying forward Virginia Dare’s legacy. We use the finest heritage varietals known to thrive in California soils, and we combine the best contemporary winemaking techniques with the classic American spirit that Virginia Dare represents.

The Virginia Dare Showcase Wines are inspired by Virginia Dare herself. Born in 1587 to English parents in the Lost Colony of Roanoke, Virginia’s story is linked to the myth of the White Doe and the origins of wine in America.

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£24.49 per bottle / £293.88 per case of 12 , all prices include VAT

Vintage Notes

The warm 2014 weather was extremely favorable for farming high-quality grapes. Bud break and bloom occurred during excellent weather and veraison (the time when grape berries soften) also occurred quickly, further ensuring an excellent vintage. Flavor development in the berries preceded sugar accumulation, and the seeds ripened early as well, assuring tannins that were mature and well polymerized. For the 2014 Chardonnay, we were able to harvest the Russian River vineyards at the peak of their aromatic flavors and maintain the golden delicious apple, ripe pear and light floral characteristics. The result was a flavor so well developed that the winemakers were able to spend their time during fermentation focusing on the rich body of the wine. Overall, the 2014 growing season was a dream.

Winemaker Notes

“I think of the Russian River as being like the base of a tree whose roots are in the ocean: the unique combination of powdery clay soils, varying temperatures along the river basin, and nightly blankets of fog combine to create an ideal viticulture environment. Each vineyard lot contributes attributes reflective of its precise locale, altogether producing a Chardonnay that is balanced and complex. The warmer reaches of the valley contribute the wine’s tropical tones, while the cooler reaches are evident in the citrus notes, structure, and intensity on the palate.” Sandy Walheim

Tasting Notes

A luxurious, creamy texture supports tropical aromas of orange blossom, red grapefruit, Asian pear, and pineapple. Rounding out the profile are underlying flavors of toasty bread balanced with French oak. Aged the classic way—12 months in French oak—the debut vintage of Virginia Dare Russian River Chardonnay delivers both intensity and density, elegantly expressing its American origins and craftsmanship.