Francis Coppola Vorte Sante
" My father’s mother, Maria Zasa, was an Italian born in Tunisia, a French protectorate at the time. It was a treat to grow up with a grandmother who spoke English, Italian, Arabic and French. I remember the little French songs she would sing to us about the marionettes, and also her toast when she was about to sip a glass of wine. She would always say, ‘à votre santé,’ meaning, ‘to your health.’" Francis Ford Coppola

2015 Votre Santé Pinot Noir

Votre Santé wines pay tribute to Francis Ford Coppola’s grandmother, Maria Zasa, who would toast with the traditional French phrase, ‘à votre santé,’ every time she raised her glass. In her honor, we’ve proudly added to our lineup of wines an appellation-specific Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, two Burgundian varietals well adapted to a cool climate and crafted in a terroir-centric style to showcase the character of a specific region.

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£16.49 per bottle / £197.88 per case of 12 , all prices include VAT


The French approach to winemaking embraces the philosophy of terroir. That is, the character of a wine is defined by variables such as soil, climate, geology and elevation, all in combination with how the vines are farmed and cared for. In this spirit, it’s the winemaker’s role to work with the wine in a way that simply lets the vines express themself. Winemaker Francois Cordesse applies this philosophy to our ‘micro cru’ Pinot Noir, whereby small lots of fruit are vinified individually by soil type to capture distinct site-specific traits. By bottling the final blend unfiltered, the wine exists in a purer state with more texture and truer aromatic expressions, along with natural sediment that helps the wine mature and evolve as was the tradition for hundreds of years.

Anderson Valley

European settlers first recognized Anderson Valley’s winegrowing potential in the 1850s, but for a century the appellation was overshadowed by the fame of Napa Valley. That is, until French Champagne house Roederer started sourcing fruit there in the 1980s for its California sparkling. Today, this AVA is one of the state’s most prized appellations for Pinot Noir. Our debut Anderson Valley Pinot Noir is composed of fruit from two vineyards. The first, located in the northwestern part of the valley has a cool mesoclimate and loamy soils, which tend to create a distinct pine forest-spice nuance. Fruit here ripened at the end of the season and the longer hang time really brought out these aromatics. The second vineyard, located centrally on the eastern half of the valley, has a warmer mesoclimate that produces fruit with deep, black cherry flavors. Both vineyards express typical Anderson Valley Pinot Noir traits.

Tasting Notes

To let the terroir speak for itself, there was minimal intervention in the cellar. We carefully selected barrels and oak toast profiles resulting in a gentle touch of sweetness. 2015 was an outstanding vintage that yielded intensely concentrated fruit. Our Anderson Valley Pinot Noir presents an attractive vermillion color and the alluring fragrance of black fruits, spices, and forest notes of moss, fern after the rain and a nice earthy character. Warm oak nuances harmonize beautifully with impressions of black cherries, boysenberries, plums, rhubarb and Christmas spices. Though young, well integrated tanning and a layered structure makes this gorgeous wine approachable even now.